#‎TeachTalk‬ airline booking

#‎TeachTalk‬ airline booking: in this age of internet, I book my own tickets. Unless I am traveling to Nepal, I do not call travel agents. Mostly I use Expedia, sometime, I use airlines website itself. Here my recent experience: unless you are in hurry to buy ticket, you need to keep on looking till you find prefect match. I saw one of my ticket going from $200 more to $70 less and again $100 more with in matter of 12 hrs (some of those going up and down were with in hrs or so). It felt like playing stock market. I am not sure how it works. It is not logical for us, but I was told that airlines open their some tickets for some price till gets sold out. If you are write code and have more info, I will like to know more. I read few topic on this, but like to learn more inside info. Bottom line is that – have a certain price on your mind and keep looking. You never know when price will go down or up smile emoticon..

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